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Narrative Bio

Not sure how long it makes me take.
It is a journey for truthful drawing with the most desire of mine.
Loneliness is an absolute thing for my drawing,
because I well understand there is no one to help about my primitive act which is an expression about me, the real me.

My soul is revealed as a reflection into the drawing, like a mirror. 
I draw a sad drawing when I am sad, I draw a happy drawing when I am happy.
I truly want to be open with my drawings. It’s not free of anything but I want to be free of drawings.

There are many conditions in reality, blank canvas is the one and only sanctuary, it is an infinite universe. 
I feel totally free and comfortable.
I always dream, hope and love.

My drawing is based on improvisation and rapidity of my brush skill. 
All of sudden, inspirations, imaginations, shapes, dreams and feelings are come up 
and they must be expressed on my canvas with no waste.

If I do not improvise, my drawing will be done with a lot of artistic detail. 
However, vitality and unrestrictedness of drawing, which I really emphasize with, will be disappeared. 
At the beginning of drawing, I always feel lost when I see blank canvas. There is nothing at all. It is like ‘World of Nothing’.

However, a bell chimes in my head when my first brush touches the canvas, starting fall in to a trance. 
At this moment, there is nothing in this world except me and the canvas. 
Space and time stop and I start to feel boundless freedom.
I want to be free through drawings. I want to soar up to the sky.

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